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Instant Gratification Condo Conversions

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Condo conversions in Texas are still relatively easy, quick and inexpensive compared to condo conversions in other states.

Welcome to the wild west of condo conversions.

Quick Turnaround Time

Clients from California, Florida and New York often call me, ready to hear the bad news about how long their condo conversion will take, how many hoops they have to jump through at the city, and how expensive it will be.

Nope. Welcome to the wild west of condo conversions. I have completed condo regimes from start to finish in a few days. I have completed conversions of existing apartments in as little as a month. I can move as fast as client will move with me. Once we have documents complete and ready to be filed, filing typically happens same day. That means one day you own a duplex or an apartment, and the next day you own condo units.

Welcome to the wild west of condo conversions.”

No Approval Process

I hear endless complaints from clients about the building process with the City of Austin and other cities in Texas. One of my favorite parts of my work is telling clients what they often never expect to hear - most condo conversions in Texas do not require city approval. This means no additional improvements or changes, no inspections, and no unknowns. This is music to the ears of builders weary from jumping through hoops and unknowns at the city.

Removing Unknowns in Development

I enjoy assisting clients in understanding the condo conversion process in Texas. So much of my clients' work in real estate development and investment involves managing unknowns, that it is a nice change of pace to tell them I know what to expect in the condo conversion process.

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