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What does 3 units per lot mean for Austin condos?

This summer the City of Austin approved a resolution that will allow three units on all single family zoned lots (except for those with deed restrictions, more in another article). Currently two units (a duplex or a main house and an ADU) are allowed on lots zoned SF-3. The change to 3 units per lot would allow the creation of additional units on many central Austin lots (as shown in image).

Many clients have asked me if they will still need to do a condo regime once the three units by right becomes law in Austin. It is possible that developers may employ other recently approved City of Austin resolutions, such as a quicker site plan review or the reduction in minimum lot sizes from 5,750 to 2,500 square feet. That said, I think condo regimes will remain a popular choice for developers. One scenario I envision is that the three units may fit on a lot in a way that does not follow potential smaller lot lines, and therefore the condo regime would provide more flexibility in the placement of the units on the lot. Additionally, as is true now, a condo regime will always cost less and be faster to complete than a resubdivision through the City (assuming you hire the right attorney!).

I have completed many three unit condominium regimes, and I expect that number will only increase in the coming years.

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