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California Allows ADU Condo Conversions

I am honored to have been asked to speak this week at Casita Coalition’s Inaugural Policy Convening, “Build the Middle: A National Housing Convening” in San Diego, California (

I will be speaking on “Middle Housing as a Pathway to Homeownership” on a panel with Adam Briones (California Community Builders, Eli Spevak (Orange Splot LLC, Rafael Perez (Casita Coalition and Carol Ornelas (Visionary Home Builders

This spring I was asked by Casita Coalition to help support AB 1033 by telling the story of my completing over 2,000 two unit condos in Texas to the California legislature. It felt amazing to see my hard work valued for creating 1000s of missing middle housing units. My ADU condo regimes allowed developers to build more affordable homes while preserving the look and feel of neighborhoods, and allowed owners to pay off mortgages, move in friends and family, and even retire.

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that AB 1033 passed in California, and I understand the California legislature considered the success of ADU condos in Texas as a part of their decision. I am so excited to meet so many others working hard to bring ADUs and ADU condos to more communities.

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